Welcome to Kiss Freely review where you can get insight into what makes this brand reach top 8 best products. Kiss Freely is a line of personal care products geared towards those with food allergies and their loved ones.  The company avoids the use of other potential allergens such as sesame, shea butter, peas,coconut, avocado and sunflower seed.

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The Source of Kiss Freely’s Inspiration: Parent & Child Love

We know that parents always give their deep and strong love to their kids , even more so when managing life threatening food allergies. One day Jennifer kissed her daughter and due to allergens in her lipstick, her kiss resulted in a red angry hive on her daughter’s cheek. Jennifer created her first batch of lipstick and kissed her daughter without any ill effect. That was the inspiration for Kiss Freely and the creation of her top 8 allergen free cosmetic and bath products, which also avoid some other common allergens (sesame, shea butter, coconut, avocado, and mango).

Kiss Freely carries a wide-range of personal products from body butter, lip glosses, eye shadow, mineral foundation, face serum, blush, and more.  And they seem to be expanding based on demand too!

Self-Care: Love for Yourself

I enjoyed spending a few minutes everyday to make myself feel pretty and soft by using lip balm, then I need to find more ways to take care of myself so that I can feel happy, productive, and loving towards my family and others.

The lip balm from Kiss Freely comes in the following flavors: Lime, grapefruit, lime peppermint, orange, lavender and peppermint.

Kiss Freely review

My little sister even said I’m pretty and let me kiss her more.

Sugar Scrub

This is also my favorite product. I applied it, rinsed it off, and my skin was incredibly soft. It’s one of those products that made me feel like I’ve been missing out. How did I not know how wonderful a sugar scrub would feel?

Kiss Freely review
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